Everything you want to know about Internet of things(IoT)

Maroua alaya
4 min readAug 22, 2021

Did you hear before about IoT? are you a little confused about what exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

In this blog, we take a look at the concept of IoT. We will try to describe how IoT works, We’ll go also over some examples of the application of the Internet of Things (IOT).

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To keep things organized let’s ask some questions and try to answer them one by one

What exactly is Internet of Things (IoT)?

What are its benefits?

Is the Internet of Things important?

What are the best examples of the ‘Internet of things’?

Firstly Coming into the point that what is Internet of Things ??

Internet of Things(IoT) is a system of interrelated sensor-based computing devices, mechanical and digital machines that connect with the internet and enables huge collection & exchange of relevant data. These data become useful information when properly processed. Sensor-based modules are installed in the focus area. From the sensors, data is transmitted to the cloud through the internet by an iot gateway. In the cloud data is stored & processed for the analysis. After analysis data is shown in the user’s app or dashboard.

What are its benefits?

The internet of things will create an opportunity between physical world and computer based systems to result improved efficiency and benefits. Refers to a network of physical devices, automobiles, home appliances and all those items that are used in conjunction with actuators, electronics, sensors, software and connectivity to enhance connection, collection and data exchange.

The IoT provides a platform that creates opportunities for people to connect these devices and control them with big data technology, which in return will promote efficiency in performance, economic benefits and minimize the need for human involvement. It’s the most important development of the 21st century.

IoT involves the extension of internet connectivity beyond personal computers and mobile devices. It can reach a wide range of non-internet enabled devices. Once the devices have been embedded with technology, they are brought to life and can communicate with each other through the internet.

The Importance of IoT:

IoT promotes efficient resource utilization. It minimizes human efforts in many life aspects. IoT will reduce the cost of production and maximizing the returns, It makes analytics decisions faster and accurately, it boosts the real-time marketing of products, it Provide a better client experience, It guarantees high-quality data and secured processing…

What are the best examples of the Internet of Things (IOT)

Here are some real world Applications of IoT:

. Smart home

Wouldn’t you love it if you can on the air conditioner of the room even before reaching home? You can unlock doors for access to your friends without being present there? The smart home is the part of IoT which is making our lives more easier and luxurious. There are many companies who are providing smart home services like Nest, Ecobee, etc

. Healthcare

Research says that IoT will be massive in the healthcare sector in the coming years. It aims for the healthier life of people with the help of connecting devices. The connected device will analyze the patient’s condition and will provide tailored made strategies to cure illness.

. Automotive Transportation

The automotive digital technology has focused on optimizing vehicles internal functions. But now, this attention is growing towards enhancing the in-car experience.

A connected car is a vehicle which is able to optimize it’s own operation, maintenance as well as comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity.

Most large auto makers as well as some brave startups are working on connected car solutions. Major brands like Tesla, BMW, Apple, Google are working on bringing the next revolution in automobiles.

. Smart City

Smart city is another powerful application of IoT generating curiosity among world’s population. Smart surveillance, automated transportation, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security and environmental monitoring all are examples of internet of things applications for smart cities.

IoT will solve major problems faced by the people living in cities like pollution, traffic congestion and shortage of energy supplies etc. Products like cellular communication enabled Smart Belly trash will send alerts to municipal services when a bin needs to be emptied.

. IoT in agriculture

With the continous increase in world’s population, demand for food supply is extremely raised. Governments are helping farmers to use advanced techniques and research to increase food production. Smart farming is one of the fastest growing field in IoT.

Farmers are using meaningful insights from the data to yield better return on investment. Sensing for soil moisture and nutrients, controlling water usage for plant growth and determining custom fertilizer are some simple uses of IoT

. Energy Engagement

Power grids of the future will not only be smart enough but also highly reliable. Smart grid concept is becoming very popular all over world.

The basic idea behind the smart grids is to collect data in an automated fashion and analyze the behavior or electricity consumers and suppliers for improving efficiency as well as economics of electricity use.

Smart Grids will also be able to detect sources of power outages more quickly and at individual household levels like near by solar panel, making possible distributed energy system.


The future of IoT is more fascinating than this where billions of things will be talking to each other and human intervention will become least. IoT will bring macro shift in the way we live and work.

I hope this helped you understand the Internt of Things (IoT).. Thanks for reading!

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