Here’s How To Find The Password For Crackme4!!

Maroua alaya
2 min readMay 2, 2021



Hi there, In our blog, we will try to solve togother the crackme4 task of Holbertonschool for the low-level-programming curriculum as a software engineering student.

First, we can ask some questions:

  • What are the steps to find the password for crackme4?
  • What happens when you type uncompyle6?

So let’s Start!!

Before talking about steps, we need to install some packages and tools.

We need to install uncompyle6 with the following command:

pip3 install uncompyle6

Download the crackme4 file and move it to the current directory.

we need to execute the file command to determine the type of crackme4:

file crackme4

So the output tell us that crackme4 is python 3.4 byte-code.

Then, it’s time to use the command uncompyle6 that translates Python byte-code back into equivalent Python source code. It accepts byte-code from Python3.

Run the following command:

uncompyle6 crackme4.pyc

So you notice that we changed the name of crackme4 file by adding .pyc as extension because uncompyle6 designed to work only with this extension.

We need now to create a file and print the var ok to show the password:

It’s all done!!

Thank you for reading and happy coding…

This article is a collaborative efforts of Maroua Alaya and Rim Joudi find us in linkedin:

Rim Joudi

Maroua Alaya

Special thanks to Aymen Haddaji for help…