Portfolio Project: FakeStop!!

Our Aim is a world without counterfeit and fraud…

Firstly Coming into the point why we chose to work on this project?

  • The diplomas issued by the universities are in the form of a paper document and the contents on the paper can be easily changed with the advanced technology.
  • This is a threat to both the universities that issues the document and the one who receives the document.
  • Hence it is necessary to validate the document from an authentic source.
  • So our project is a decentralized app (Dapp) based on the Ethereum smart contract, it aims to check diplomas and returns the authentication state of them.

What about technical interests as a result of our Project ? So, it’s time for a little demonstration…

We design an application for verifying certificates:

Blockchain is not just about Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. It is also used for databases such as document records.What are the challenges have we discovered about our project?

  • Create a smart contract.
  • Deployment of the smart contract.
  • Linking and synchronizing smart contract with front-end.

What we learned about yourself as an engineer and how this project informs our engineering path in the future?



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